‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: The true colors of Yvonne Strahovski’s Hannah (video)

Well, this really did not take too long at all.

While Yvonne Strahovski’s character of Hannah McKay certainly seemed to be nice enough during the past two episodes on “Dexter” this season, it’s remained pretty clear that there was something major missing when it comes to both her story and her behavior. After all, who really comes across as so level-headed after going through some of the pretty hardcore stuff that she has? There’s little question that Hannah has to have the same sort of dark passenger as Dexter in some way; she was a part of a killing spree, even if she was not directly responsible for some of the deaths.

Well, here’s the thing: she may have been far more responsible than she was ever letting on to the police. In the first preview for next week’s new episode, Dexter makes it fairly clear that he is on to Hannah about some of her lies here, and the implication that we’re starting to see shine through here should be obvious:: she was far more of another Batman than she was a Robin to Wayne Randall. However, she was smart enough to take advantage of the system to secure herself safety beyond just a stint in juvy.

Now, here’s the real question that we wonder: if Hannah is indeed a killer, will Dexter learn from his past mistakes? He has already stated that one of his biggest regrets is not killing Trinity right away, and when he let Brother Sam live after his own release from prison, he ended up being killed anyone in a mass shooting.

What did you think should be done to Hannah, if she is in fact hiding that she is a killer?

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