Ink Master interview: Alexis Kovacs on elimination, sandwich tattoo, more

Alexis KovacsBefore we get around to the Ink Master episode airing on the Paramount Network tonight, why not take a look at some of the latest from the most recently-eliminated contestant? Alexis Kovacs had quite a run this season — she was one of the more creative artists in the competition, and she came up with some outside-the-box ideas we’ll remember for some time. Even her final tattoo of the competition (a sandwich) is one that will stand out in our memory of one of the most fun Ink Master art ideas.

Now that she has had some time removed from the competition, what did Alexis have to say about the experience? Check out some of her thoughts within the latest CarterMatt interview on the subject below.

CarterMatt – How are you feeling about making it as far as you did?

Alexis Kovacs – I feel like I should have made it further in the competition based on my tattoo work, however being constantly beaten down about my tattoos episode after episode, I was somewhat relieved for it to be over.

The biggest question that I had was this — what made you so inspired to draw a sandwich?

I love drawing food and the sandwich is something I’ve wanted to tattoo for a long time. I always try to incorporate food into my tattoo deigns.

How different was being on the show versus all the tattoo work you’ve done?

Being on the show was tough. It was way more mentally challenging than expected. I feel like the stress of everything got to my head at times.

Is there anything that you wish you had a chance to tattoo this season but didn’t?

I wish I could have made it further in the competition and got to challenge myself more. It was hard getting so much critique on my art and it sometimes seemed like an uphill, unfair battle.

What did you think about the team dynamic overall? Do you think it help or hurt you?

The team thing was ok for the flash challenges for sure, but in then end this is a business and to succeed you need to worry about yourself. I learned that I’m more of a team player than I thought. It was cool though having the support of the ladies, when they weren’t being catty (laughs).

What’s the best way for people to reach out about a tattoo appointment?

My Insta @alexischeetah

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