‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 video: Dr. Whale is [spoiler]!

We have spent several months trying to figure out just who David Anders’ character of Dr. Whale could be when it comes to “Once Upon a Time,” but even we could have never guessed his identity in a million years. What we are a little bit surprised to see here is that the latest promo for next week’s episode chose to show off so very much of him rather than having it be a big reveal in the actual episode.

So who is Dr. Whale really? Now that you’ve been warned, we’re not afraid to reveal that he appears to be none other than Dr. Victor Frankenstein! Ultimately, his Storybrooke name was a little bit of a red herring for those out there who felt as though he could be Monstro from “Pinocchio” or some other nautical creature, since really his specialty is bringing people back from the dead (which actually makes some sense given that he was responsible for overseeing David when he was in a coma last season).

As for what sort of crazy story he is going to be a part of, it seems to perfectly fall in line with what we would want to see from a Halloween episode. Desperate to try and find a way to bring her former love Daniel back from the dead, Regina seems to turn to Whale for some sort of guidance. Does it really work? We’re not quite sure, but expect to see plenty of Noah Bean in this episode. More than anything else, what we are especially interested to see here is how someone like Frankenstein, whose creations are really more scientific than anyone else on the show, can really exist in a land of fairy tale characters.

What do you think about this reveal, and are you anticipating a great episode because of it?

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