‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: Is Alison as dangerous as she seemed?

Was Alison DiLaurentis really a major player in the world of Rosewood back when she was alive, or was she really just a minor piece to a larger puzzle? This is one question that we are going to be asking ourselves after watching the Halloween special, or at least this is what we think we are going to be wondering courtesy of the show’s Halloween special airing on Tuesday night.

Before the episode even airs, we have a few more details now courtesy of Lindsay Shaw (Paige) to get us a little bit more excited. While she does not necessarily give away any major spoilers during a chat with Wetpaint, she does help to explain that even though much of the story in “This is a Wild Ride” will be set in the present as the Liars celebrate the holiday, there will also be a few looks back at the past:

“Well, there’s very cool new flashbacks and new information from Ali. There’s some really sick scenes with Ali here. So she’s still very much in the forefront. You sort of find that she was almost a pawn in the game as well. Even though she catalyzed it all, there’s so many people that this involves and so many storylines now. Whereas before you kind of thought she ran things, I think she’s just part of this network of what was going on. So I think that that’s what they uncover more. So if I could say the one thing, it’s pretty shocking what this girl was up to.”

What we are most interested in learning about in this episode is not only if we get any more clues about Alison’s death, but just how much someone who was once arrested for supposedly killing her in Garrett reacts to now being a free man. We imagine that this is not a good thing for the Liars by any means, but as we have learned on this show over the years that nothing really is as it seems.

What do you want to see happen during this special? If you want to see more scoop surrounding who is going to die during this episode, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: ABC Family

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