‘New Girl’ season 2 spoilers: Who wants to see Jess model? (video)

It really feels like we haven’t seen enough of “New Girl” lately; and even though there is going to be another episode coming up soon that will be preempted thanks to the Presidential election, Tuesday night we are going to have an all-new half-hour entitled “Models” that just based on the premise alone, may be one of the funnier things that the show has come up with to date.

What’s going to happen here? Based on the video below, it really appears as though one of the major themes to play out here is going to be testing the limits of friendship, and what is okay to do for someone you are close to and what is not. When it comes to Jess, she decides to step in at the last minute to do a modeling gig for CeCe … even though she has literally no experience whatsoever in this field. This is probably going to go very badly, but we anticipate laughing just about every step of the way.

As for the story among the guys this week, it feels as though it is going to be one of those bits that is simple, but someone ends up becoming some sort of enormous deal that leads to everyone screaming at each other. Basically, Nick is weirded out when Schmidt decides to buy him a cookie while he is out for no good reason other than that he was “thinking of him.” This leads to questions as to why he is thinking of him, and of course whether or not it is okay for one man to ever buy another man a cookie. (With that said, we’d personally just be happy to have a free cookie.)

What do you think about the premise for this episode?

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