Elementary series finale: Are Sherlock, Joan working together again?

ElementaryWhat happened tonight the Elementary series finale? Going into it, we knew that there would be a time jump — and chaos.

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Let’s start off with this — Joan Watson knew that Sherlock Holmes wasn’t dead. She knew that for quite some time. It was all a plan in order to fake his own death to help ensure that Odin Reichenbach was put away once and for all. Watson ended up telling both Bell and Gregson the truth after the fact and they were upset. Yet, they kept the secret as Odin ended up going to prison for some of his crimes.

For most of the rest of the episode, though, the question was this: Was Moriarty alive, and what was she planning to do? Despite claims that Jamie was dead, the news was eventually revealed that she was also alive. What is it with characters being supposedly dead? Secrets within this world don’t stay that way for all that long. There were many who found out the truth about Sherlock being alive, including the NSA. It just so turned out that a certain operative wanted him to become an operative in their own right. It was a sweet deal that would allow him to have an official job after being a ghost for the past three years. He’d still be in the wind, but he would be working on an exciting new opportunity.

As it turns out, Sherlock did consider taking the gig at the NSA … mostly because it would allow him to poke around and see what was going on within the walls of this organization. What was weird was that ten minutes away from the end of the episode, and we still didn’t know how the story was ending.

Gregson was able to hand down some advice to Sherlock — stay and spend some time with the people he loved. He also said that he had relapsed overseas and it was learning about Joan’s adoption that got him better and through it. That was good news. The bad news that we learned after the fact was that Joan was diagnosed with cancer and was starting chemo shortly. That was the further incentive for him to stay; he couldn’t leave his best friend.

One year later…

The end of the series featured Sherlock standing in front of a grave. He was at the funeral for someone he cared about … but that someone was Jamie Moriarty. Apparently, she faked her own death … again. The finale ended with another fake-out, as Joan was alive. She was also working to get her old job back and it was going to be business as usual for the team moving forward.

It was a disappointment to not see Natalie Dormer in the flesh — but we definitely think that the series finale leaves the door open for more. At least we have that to look forward to, right?

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