NCIS season 17: Michael Weatherly coy on future, Ziva/Tony reunion

Tony and ZivaCould Michael Weatherly return on NCIS season 17 as Tony DiNozzo? We know that this is a question that is going to be asked for the weeks leading up to next month’s premiere — after all, it has been asked plenty of times already!

The former series regular is doing his part to help keep that conversation going. In the video below, you can see what feels like Weatherly recording a message with a fan, asking if they’re going to be watching the return of Ziva on the upcoming premiere episode. After that, Weatherly’s asked if he would be returning, and he jokingly shusses the question before saying that he can’t talk about that.

Is there something here or nothing at all? At the moment we don’t think that this is anything more than Michael just trying to be playful in response to a question. We know that there is a lot of enthusiasm out there for a Tony/Ziva reunion, but there hasn’t been any evidence that it’s going to happen within the premiere. Yet, at the same time you can argue that there wasn’t any concrete evidence that Cote de Pablo would be returning for the season 16 finale as the showrunners were sneaky about their big finale reveal of Ziva’s return. Because of the way that Cote was able to sneak on the set, film, and the disappear like the ninja she is, we’re not ruling anything out.

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With all of this being said, there are clear differences between Cote appearing on NCIS and Michael returning, with one of the major ones being scheduling. Michael has another show that films at the same time as NCIS, and also films on the other side of the country in New York City. Getting him to appear on an episode would take him having a break long enough for him to make the trek back out to California film and return without Bull losing filming time and money from his absence. Maybe you can argue that they could record a Skype message or something (we’ve seen shows like The Big Bang Theory do this before when they wanted Christine Baranski to appear), but seeing Tony in the flesh feels like a challenge – at least for the premiere.

That being said it has always been our opinion that the premiere should be just a spotlight for Ziva anyways. Give her a moment to shine since she never had any sort of real closure on the show and has been missing for years. We what to know about her, what she’s being doing, how she’s been off the grid and who has her so scared that she felt the need to hide? While Tony and Ziva together is something many want to see, the premiere is not when we want to see it and for us we’ve always said that if we don’t see the reunion and we just know that they are together, we will be fine with that.

Here’s the other side of the coin –  If producers feel like they have Ziva only for a single episode, they may find a way to get a Tony reunion in here so that there’s closure for the couple that they never quite had. We are greedy of course and would like to see Ziva back for more and not cram everything into just this one episode. There’s too much to tell with Ziva alone, let alone also a reunion.

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