Mayans MC season 2 spoilers: The future journey for EZ Reyes

Mayans MCAs we prepare for Mayans MC season 2 to come on the air early next month, there are a number of different stories and angles to look at … and a lot of them center around the character of EZ Reyes. It’s hard for them not to. He is the show’s main point-of-view character and beyond that, he is the engine that could drive a lot of the story moving into these new episodes. Remember what was discovered in terms of his mother at the end of season 1, or what he is hoping to accomplish now with his status locked in as a prospect moving forward.

As we approach season 2, there is a little bit more of a sense of stability for this character. How much so? Speaking via CinemaBlend in a new interview, actor JD Pardo had the following to say on the subject:

In Season 2, he’s still a prospect, but he’s a true prospect. It’s not one foot in, one foot out. He says no, this is my life. I’m gonna go forward. I have my sponsor now, who’s the President of the M.C. And what does that journey look like? What does he learn on the way? What’s attractive to me is, hopefully we’ll go seven seasons, and then people are just blown away by who he is in Season 6 and Season 7, and people are like, ‘Man, you gotta watch Season 1 and 2, because he wasn’t like that.’ That’s what I love.

There’s an easy parallel you could draw just based on the quote alone between EZ and Jax Teller. While the two are not the same guy by any means, there was a true evolution between season 1 Jax and who he was by the time of the Sons of Anarchy series finale. If the same thing can be achieved here, Mayans MC season 2 could be a thing of beauty. We’re excited for what could be coming up, especially since all of the previews that are out there hint at a story arc that will be violent at times, dramatic at others, and hopefully thoroughly entertaining throughout.

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