American Horror Story: 1984 teaser: All about the aesthetic

American Horror Story: 1984American Horror Story: 1984 is premiering on FX in just one months’ time, and we continue to get a good impression of it based on the promos.

For example, just take a look at some of the latest below! This teaser is another reminder of the show’s overall aesthetic, which is going to be themed around summer camp and this particular era where slasher movies truly ruled the world. A big part of the fun of this time period was the predictability of it in a lot of ways — while we’re not sure if classifying the horror genre as comfort food is a good thing, but there was that element of it. There was just this aspect of watching this genre knowing full well what you were going to be getting, and then also being okay with that at the same time.

The teaser below isn’t altogether different than the ones we’ve already seen in that it features a woman in a bikini being attacked by the show’s mysterious slasher character. This isn’t altogether different than some of the other teasers that we’ve seen for the show before, and we foresee there being even more of a pattern coming up leading to the premiere. For those wondering, we don’t view anything within this teaser as necessarily 100% canon to anything that is going on with the upcoming season itself. The goal here more is to do whatever you can to just get people excited about the style and the aesthetic. If you can do that, then it’s possible that a lot of other people are going to jump on board later for a wide array of different things.

Remember that new episodes of American Horror Story: 1984 will premiere on September 18. This is going to have to be a spirit that relies more on the vibe and the story than some of the cast, given that this is the first season to not feature a major role for Evan Peters or Sarah Paulson. These two could be back in the future, and Paulson will have a small role in the project. You just won’t see her every episode.

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