‘The X Factor’ USA: The latest on Jillian Jensen, David Correy

While we wait eagerly for the judges’ houses stage of “The X Factor” to finally be over on Tuesday night, we thought it best to share a couple more updates as to what exactly is going on in the world of the show. (Granted, you should be warned that it will contain some spoilers from the top 16 spoilers that have already been broadcast in Canada.)

First things first, let’s start off with a man in David Correy who made headlines on Saturday for supposedly finally finding who he believes may be his birth mother after coming on the show passionately hoping to meet her someday. We still do not know necessarily whether or not this woman (who lives in Brazil, and tracked down Correy’s records with the local government) has passed a DNA test just yet proving that she is his mother, but we can at least say that Correy is excited about it. Why? He is tweeting out stories about it online, which is something he would probably not want to do if he was the least bit concerned or doubtful that this could be true.

Hopefully, we’ll find out some more about Correy’s search when the first live show airs on November 1. As for someone who may not be a part of the live shows depending on whether or not the show introduces a wild card twist, we turn to Jillian Jensen. Since the news broke on Wednesday that she was not a part of the top 16 after Demi Lovato sent her packing, the inspirational singer’s fans have taken to Twitter in protest; and more recently, have tried to actually get her on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Based on what Jensen posted on her account on Saturday, it is actually looking as though this strategy may end up paying off:

“uhmmm… so I think all the #GetJillOnEllen may be working? … not too sure … extremely confused… but I’ll keep you guys posted..? idek”

As for the confusion, we still think producers may be holding off on booking any promotional appearances for eliminated contestants given that one may be returning as a wild card. After all, we have seen this happen in the past.

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