Are You the One? season 8 episode 10: Could Danny, Kai be a match?

Are You the OneWhat’s coming up on Are You The One? season 8 episode 10? It feels like these people have a LOT of work to do. These are people who haven’t managed to score more than three beams and they’re all struggling to figure out what they are doing wrong. Is it possible that there’s too much focusing on the drama, really to the point where they are not seeing what is in front of them the whole time? It’s an interesting thing to think about.

Entering this upcoming episode, though, the hunt for perfect matches is going to be on another level — it has to be, at least if some of these people want to truly move forward and start to see what else is out there for them.

Could Danny and Kai be a perfect match? That’s one thing that has to be considered right now. Heck, it was brought up during some of tonight’s new episode as the two could balance each other out. When you think about Danny, you think about someone who seems to be in control largely of his emotions. Meanwhile, Kai’s someone who has almost no control in terms of keeping emotions in check. Maybe they are a perfect combination, at least per how some of the experts at the start of the season see things.

In the end, what’s obviously going to make things complicated is the simple fact that everyone is going to have their own perception of what is a match and what isn’t. The show’s definition of a “perfect match” may not align with how some of these contestants feel about themselves. That makes the search so much more difficult! Also, it is the fact that there are so many different options in this season because of the fluidity at the center of it.

Also, let’s hope that this episode gives us a better sense of what could happen in the future now with Paige and Remy. He’s clearly into her, but it doesn’t matter if she never shows off the same level of interest in him. He’s said that he is willing to wait, but how patient can you really be within this environment with so much at stake?

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