Songland sneak peek: Pop Culture performs ‘City Kids’ for Macklemore

SonglandWhat’s coming up on Wednesday’s Songland? The show is coming back on the air, and in the sneak peek below, be prepared to meet Pop Culture and a track by the name of “City Kids.”

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What Pop Culture brings to the show on Wednesday is something that we haven’t seen before — there aren’t any lyrics! Instead, “City Kids” is just a really cool beat that sounds soaring and triumphant. The idea here is obviously that with a lyricist like Macklemore, you don’t want to shoehorn him into what you want the song to be. This is more of a backdrop and it gives him and the songwriting team on the show something more to work with. It’s an interesting idea since we don’t think that everyone else within this episode is handling things the same exact way.

What we get a really clear sense of in this preview is the overall songwriting magic of Ester Dean, who possesses the incredible ability to mold something together musically in a very short period of time. We don’t think that this is necessarily going to be the final project, but it’s cool to think about.

Based on what we’re hearing from Pop Culture’s music at the moment, it sounds very soaring and triumphant — it feels like the sort of thing that you could listen to, raise your fits in the air, and celebrate with the right music. Yet, you don’t want to be overly on-the-nose with the lyrics. You want to find a way in order to make this properly work.

We dig what Pop Culture is bringing to the table, but we don’t want to feel super-confident in anything without hearing some of the other songs first! There’s still a lot to come in this upcoming episode.

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