‘Curiosity: I Was Mummified’ review: Discovery takes us to ancient Egypt and back

With Halloween just ten days away, it only seems appropriate for Discovery to air a special that is all about a scientific look at mummies; and no, not the kind that comes back to life or the ones you see in cartoons made of toilet paper. These are the real mummies from ancient Egypt, and the hour-long “Curiosity: I Was Mummified” airing at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Sunday night brings their techniques into the present.

If there is one thing that does make this episode so fantastic, it is the mere weight that comes with seeing something that we haven’t quite seen performed on television before. As we said previously with the “Plane Crash” special, this is clearly not something that is for everyone. It can be beyond uncomfortable to watch for those out there with a weak stomach; in this case, it is because you are looking at an actual dead body being preserved using what are believed to be the same techniques used thousands of years ago. These records were never fully stored in any documents, but the way in which Egyptians managed to reduce decay of their dead is something that is a continued marvel in the modern world.

What perhaps may be the most unnerving part of the mummification process is that the show allows you to get to know the man before the process is initiated, but from that point on it is strictly fascinating to watch. As per always with these specials the visuals are stunning and the narration is on point, and it does feel as though you are seeing something unique and important, even if you are not doing research to potentially save lives here as we saw happening during the “Plane Crash” special.

You can check out an additional preview of “I Was Mummified” below, and our final verdict is this: if you enjoy either the history of ancient Egypt or are just fascinated by embalming techniques, there is no better special for you to watch. Plus, it may still get you in the Halloween spirit even without any of the gimmicks.

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