Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony results (day 55)

Big Brother 21The Veto Ceremony unfolded this morning within the Big Brother 21 house, and going into it, there wasn’t much drama. Tommy was going to use the Veto on Christie — there was no way around it. Because she was nominated by the Field Trip — a twist — he even had a Get Out of Jail Free Card with it. He could just claim that it wasn’t altogether fair how she was nominated and he wanted to do something in order to ensure that she didn’t get sent to jury that way.

Also, Tommy recognized that if Christie remained on the block, there was a very good chance that she would be voted out of the game and sent over to jury.

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Now it’s official — Christie is off the block and either Cliff or Kat will be evicted a little bit later this week. Watching the plan over the past few days play out has been all sorts of confusing, mostly because people tell each other different things within the game. Yet, we think at the moment that Cliff is going to be safe and that Kat will end up being the target. She’s the more dangerous player in terms of her ties to both Holly/Jackson and Cliff’s Angels. You’ve got Jessica, Holly, and Jackson angling to keep her and then Nick, Christie, and Analyse interested in keeping Cliff. At the moment Nicole is the swing vote, and she’s had a longstanding alliance with Cliff to go to the end of the game together.

For those wondering, Cliff did a Cliff Notes (of sorts) outside this morning, where he talked a little bit about trying to fit in with all of these younger people … but also about his game struggles moving forward. He recognizes that if there is a slip-and-slide HoH Competition coming he has no chance of winning (remember that he’s gotten injured across several different Veto Competitions), so he may just go for money if the chance presents itself.

We’ll see what sort of campaigns happen across the day!

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