Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Who could be going this week?

Kathryn DunnToday in the Big Brother 21 house is certainly confusing, mostly because there’s no 100% clarity yet on who is going to jury.

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Let’s start, though, with getting the obvious out of the way — Tommy is going to use the Power of Veto to get Christie off the block. The America’s Field Trip twist is not going to be the death of her game, so you can rule that off as a possibility. It’s going to between Cliff and Kat, as one of them will be leaving on Thursday.

If we had to guess at the moment, we’d say that Cliff is likely to stay and Kat is likely to go … and ironically, Jackson could be the one to blame for it. Because of what he told Jack about Holly and Kat knowing each other, it makes Kat such a dangerous person to leave. Plus, for Nicole, she recognizes that Kat has passed around information to other people. There’s a reason for her to want to keep Cliff around instead, given that Cliff is a closer ally to her.

Yet, there is a lot of time left in this week and we’re going to see a lot of campaigning. Take, for example, Holly doing her best to convince Analyse and Christie that Kat is worth keeping and that she can be loyal. Also, she also tried to throw Nick under the bus claiming that he was playing both sides of the house. After the fact, Christie/Analyse talked about all of this further, and felt like it was a red flag that seemingly, Holly wanted to keep Kat in the game. Also, there’s all of the talk of the two (as mentioned) knowing each other.

There’s also one other factor that is important to remember here — Cliff is hurt. Because of that, it makes it a little bit easier to keep him, thinking that he will not be able to win a lot of competitions.

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