Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 9 review: Everyone needs help

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What was the purpose of Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 9? For the majority of the hour, what we saw was almost a show within a show. It was a movie created by Althea meant to inspire people who were out there in the world.

The end result of this is what we feel to be a fairly polarizing hour of television. For a big chunk of the episode, Morgan and some other characters did their best to tell the story of how they helped Tess, a woman afraid to her house, and also what they took away from it. The most poignant part of the episode likely came via seeing how each character reacted emotionally to their new mission, and what they were taking away from it.

It’s almost hard to spend a lot of time discussion what feels ultimately like filler insofar as plot goes — what made it not filler was just watching the characters speak out via confessionals and getting a chance to see them open up. Morgan’s still struggling from losing his family and doesn’t know how to grieve. Meanwhile, Alicia Clark is struggling with killing after the events of the first half of the season, Daniel Salazar wants to make his daughter proud, and we’ve got overall a lot of characters out to try and make the world a little bit happier and do some things for the people who need them. Tess ended up being saved because of the group, and she was able to help them out as a result of it.

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Then, you have the final sequence, which raises all sorts of questions. We see a man watching Al’s tape, though it’s not 100% clear how he has it. Meanwhile, Logan arrives, accuses him of stealing resources, and claims that he wants to know about the oilfield. The man claims that he doesn’t know much, and from there, Logan and his people shoot up his means of transport. The only way that this guy is going to be able to move forward from here is by calling the group and requesting to join them.

What we take away from this episode is that it feels like that little station was set up by Morgan and Alicia’s group for weary passengers to stop in, watch the video, and try to help others. It seems like Logan was aware of what was in there, as well. Logan obviously wants to keep tabs on the group in case that they find the oilfield … though the means he’ll use to make that happen are far from ideal.

CarterMatt Verdict

Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 9 allowed for an opportunity tonight to see a different sort of storytelling, one that felt at times personal, emotive, and different from the standard edition of the franchise. While it’s not going to reinvent the show as we know it or excite anyone looking for big plot development, it worked as a one-episode journey into what our heroes are trying to do in order to help.

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