‘The Good Wife’ season 4 spoilers: Alicia vs. the press (again)

There are some interesting stories brewing on “The Good Wife,” and the fact that the latest promo for Sunday night’s new episode chose to focus on the good ones and ignore some of the bad (see: what is going on at the moment with Kalinda) is very much a good thing. We have the return of Nathan Lane yet again as a man who could very well save Lockhart Gardner from itself and, in a move that is perhaps the most entertaining for us, we have Alicia facing off against the press again.

So what really makes these scenes so captivating? From a personal standpoint, we see yet again as Alicia’s ego squaring off with her id when it comes to figuring out what she wants to actually say about Peter, and what she actually does say in order to save face. The fact that we have seen four seasons of buildup of this is what makes it even more rewarding, since you understand the weight behind just about everything she says.

Maybe, it is perhaps in comparison to Alicia that Kalinda’s story with Nick is falling so short. Is it a case of expectations being almost too high? Possibly, though we really like to see it as a “grass is always greener” sort of scenario. Everyone wanted to see a wilder version of the character, and now we have it; however, in the process we have lost the subtlety of what was a great character. They are basically doing to her the equivalent of trying to trim a fingernail with a machete: there’s just no need for it.

Are you excited for the focus to be at least in part on Peter and Alicia Sunday night?

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