Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Who won the Veto? (day 53)

Big Brother 21 CastWho won the Power of Veto within the Big Brother 21 house today? If you want some more information on that subject, have no fear — we’ve got that for you within this piece!

If you missed the news earlier today, Head of Household Tommy took part in the competition alongside both the standard nominees (Kat and Cliff) and then also Christie, who was nominated as the third person because of the America’s Field Trip twist. They were forced to compete alongside Jackson and Nick, who both also claimed that they were going to fight to win. (We’re not 100% sure about Nick, mostly because he has been trying to play both sides of the house for a little while now.)

If Christie stays on the block, there’s a good chance that she ends up going home on the other side of it. That’s what made this Veto so important — this and that other than Jackson, almost every person potentially in play would end up using it. (Jackson wants Christie to go, and would be afraid of using it in fear of Holly going up as a replacement nominee. This is probably one of the first times where we’ve seen most of the house root for Jackson to win just about anything.)

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Let’s get now to sharing the Veto result — Tommy won! That means that he will (likely) remove Christie from the block and we’ll be left with Cliff and Kat as the nominees for this week. The big headline coming out of the competition was that Cliff apparently hurt himself (it sounds like OTEV) when he and Kat were competing to get up on one of the ropes at the same time.

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