Outlander season 5: Jamie’s back scars not necessarily returning just yet

OutlanderAre Jamie’s famous back scars coming back for Outlander season 5? Thanks to a new Instagram post shared by makeup artist Wendy Kemp Forbes, there was a lot of excitement in the air. They are an integral part of this character, a reminder of his trauma and everything that he went through. It’s also a reminder performance-wise of some of the brutal stuff that Sam Heughan endured as an actor early on in the series’ run. Playing a role like Jamie Fraser has to be rewarding, but it’s also a lot of hard work.

Before you get too excited about the idea of seeing Jamie’s scars again, here’s the bad news — the image shared by Forbes was a throwback. She confirmed as much in the comments.

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So are there going to be uses or opportunities for Jamie’s back scars moving forward on the series? You have to believe so, as it is really a matter of circumstance. We know that it can take a good bit of time to properly apply the prosthetic necessary, but it does add that much more depth to the series. (For a little more information after the process of applying said prosthetic, check out some of Forbes’ comments on the Instagram page.)

The scars are a reminder of a past struggle, and we know that moving forward on Outlander season 5, there are plenty of conflicts in the present. With the threat of the Revolutionary War looming, there could be more physical and mental scars to be had for Jamie and Claire Fraser. For starters, there is the Regulator movement and what Governor Tryon wants to force Jamie to do to his good friend Murtagh. Beyond all of that, there are all sorts of other dangers that go along with living in the backcountry of North Carolina. This may be a brave and beautiful world, but it’s one that can come with pretty severe consequences. You have to deal with that constant trade-off.

Outlander season 5 is premiering on Starz come early 2020, so if there is any trace of back scars or any other notable part of the show’s overall visual lore, we hope we get to hear about it.

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