Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Tommy’s nominations; Analyse’s costume

Tommy BraccoFollowing all of the drama with America’s Field Trip today in the Big Brother 21 house, there was another event that needed to happen — the nomination ceremony.

Going into the ceremony, it was fairly clear some of what was going to take place — Head of Household Tommy would nominated Kat and Cliff for eviction. Why these two? It’s been his plan for most of the past day to get Kat out of the game, feeling like she’s the most connected person and taking her out is the best way in order to ensure that he continues to get what he wants. He also seems to think that Jackson and Holly will do what he wants in this situation. We’re not altogether sure that they would.

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Tommy did go ahead and nominate Cliff and Kat for eviction, though we’re not altogether sure that it matters given that America’s Field Trip has altered the course of the entire week. Christie now finds herself on the block and more than that, she could go to jury unless she or one of her allies wins the Power of Veto. We don’t know who is competing in it just yet and that’s going to be significant in determining the results. The idea of Christie getting evicted on Tommy’s Head of Household remains very much hilarious.

So beyond the nominations, there is some other news to report here in that Analyse, as a result of finishing second in the America’s Field Trip competition, is now stuck wearing a chicken costume for the rest of the week. This is mildly funny, though also not altogether original since we’ve seen these costumes before. Remember on Big Brother 15 when there were two chicken costumes? (What is it with controversial Big Brother seasons and then also people wearing chicken costumes? Isn’t that a weird trend?)

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