Lucifer season 5 spotlight: What’s the future for Chloe Decker?

LuciferAs we approach Lucifer season 5, what could be coming up for Lauren German and her character of Chloe Decker? We are back in this article with another edition of our spotlight series, and there’s absolutely a lot to discuss.

First and foremost, just think about the way that season 4 ended. Within that season, we saw Chloe go from having serious doubts over who Lucifer is to recognizing and loving him. All of that fear that she had about him being the devil slowly withered away, mostly because she saw the heart within. The trouble comes now knowing that he is back in hell, and there’s no clear sign that he will be coming back anytime soon.

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The primary order of business for Chloe in season 5 seems to very much be trying to find a way to get Lucifer back. Why wouldn’t she want this? He departed out of necessity more so than a personal desire to be away from her. Through these upcoming episodes, there is going to be an opportunity to see her work with some of his friends in order to find solutions. That means collaborating with the likes of Maze, Amenadiel, or others who have an innate knowledge of what’s going on with the Devil.

So while we will (hopefully) see Chloe on that feverish search for answers, we also don’t want to see her lose sight of the person she’s been so far. We don’t exactly think that Chloe can just quit her job and devote all of her time and effort to finding out how to bring Lucifer back. In the meantime, show her doing more investigations, and feature her trying to do whatever she can in order to ensure justice is served. How big of a distraction is it, knowing that Lucifer is somewhere far away? On top of that, who does she end up being paired off with? It made mean more of Chloe and Dan working together, and there is a little bit of entertainment value in that. While the two are together, why not throw some undercover cases or some really weird stuff at them? The weirder the case, the more that Lucifer Morningstar will be missed.

finally, aside from work, there are some opportunities for Chloe to share screen time with some of the people who are closest to Lucifer. It’s one thing to be a colleague, and it’s another to be in love with him. A part of the fun for us could be seeing how Chloe’s feelings for Lucifer changes how she spends time with Amenadiel and Maze. Or, how does it change her conversations with Ella? Even with Trixie, we imagine it has to be a subject of conversation here or there.

In the end, the final season of Lucifer is a prime opportunity to show Chloe’s passion, her skill-set, and also a sense of humor here or there. We hope there’s a romantic reunion at some point, but there’s probably going to be some chaos beforehand.

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