Bachelor in Paradise 2019: Caelynn Miller-Keyes talks Blake posting texts

Caelynn Miller-KeyesThis past week within the Bachelor in Paradise world has been chaotic, and that’s without even factoring in what was actually on the show! Just think about the detonation caused by Blake Horstmann posting the text messages between himself and Caelynn Miller-Keyes on Instagram.

When Blake decided to post these messages earlier this week, he did so claiming that he needed to have a voice after the show presented it as though he ghosted Caelynn following a hookup at a concert earlier this year. She claimed that he referred to her as a “mistake” — something that he denied. He wanted the texts to show that the relationship that they had was amicable on all sides and there was no controversy before or after the two were together. Blake admitted to some bad behavior on his own part — notably, him hooking up with multiple people within a short period of time, the sort of thing that always comes out in Paradise.

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Meanwhile, Caelynn (pictured above with Chris Harrison) has now shared a response of her own to Blake, ripping him for sharing private communications publicly and noting that the relationship that they had was much deeper than a one-night stand. She also spoke out against fans shaming her for wanting a intimate relationship with someone, especially after her past experiences as a survivor of assault.

What does this feel like now? Think along the lines of a situation without, to use a proper franchise term, clarity. Through all of this it’s still not clear when the discontent between Blake and Caelynn began before Paradise, or for how long were there romantic feelings between the two in the first place? Remember that production on Paradise happened a couple of months ago, and in the spring Caelynn said at the Women Tell All she still had feelings for Colton Underwood. Everything would be within a relatively small timeframe.

Ultimately, there are still so many gaps to be filled when it comes to each story that everyone is going to side with whoever they want. Some will accuse Caelynn of blowing a situation out of proportion or acting out of anger, but others will view Blake as shameful for airing out all of their dirty laundry.

Who do you side with after all of this drama? Share in the comments. (Photo: ABC.)


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Here we go… I am not here to deny those text messages or the conversations that took place. Things got taken out of context on the show, and a large part of the story is missing. The reality of the situation is that Blake was not a one night stand at a music festival and the ‪5 am‬ text exchange that Blake chose to share is not an accurate representation of our past relationship. I take ownership for what I said on the beach. I was upset and I let my emotions control my words. However, I did not go on a show to ruin someone’s character. I attempted to address my feelings and the situation with Blake face to face. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t get the same respect in return, and I am absolutely mortified our private texts were put out there for the world to see and judge by someone who I trusted and consider a friend nonetheless. It’s clear to me that Blake and I had different ideas of what our “relationship” was. We started talking months before Stagecoach. We FaceTimed everyday and talked about potentially skipping paradise to be together. When I say he ghosted me, it was after those few months of us talking.  It was my understanding there was no one else and I thought we were on the same page. What infuriates me the most is that I’m being trolled for having sex because of what I’ve been through. I want to be very clear that I am not looking for sympathy. I took the necessary steps to move on and heal, but I will not be abstinent for the rest of my life because of it. This is a complicated situation considering it’s not only on TV, but has taken a life of its own on the internet.  This could’ve been over after last night’s episode, but since it’s now all over Instagram, I felt like it was imperative to share my truth. We all have our own perception of how different situations unfold and there are many sides to this story. I hope that we can all move forward and support one another, rather than tear each other down. I have moved on and I am excited to continue to share the rest of my journey with you all.

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