Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Likely nominations, Field Trip talk

Big Brother 21 CastWhat’s going on within the Big Brother 21 house? This could prove itself to be one of the biggest days of the season, and it’s all thanks to the America’s Field Trip twist.

At the moment, the houseguests remain in the dark that there is something big going on in the game, but they should find out in a matter of hours. The Field Trip will happen most likely prior to the nomination ceremony, and the results could prove interesting. Because of Jack being evicted and Tommy being Head of Household, two of the most-targeted people in voting are ineligible in taking part. That leaves Jackson and Christie as likely inclusions, with the third person being a little bit more of a mystery.

Who could it be? Well, we know that a lot of fans are currently angling towards Analyse taking part, but will she enter the Field Trip over someone on the outside of the one-time Six Shooters alliance? We know the Six Shooters do have their own fans who have been voting, and Analyse has been #5 or so on the pecking order for a lot of the anti-Six Shooters crowd.

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As for Tommy’s nominations, right now he is considering putting up Cliff and Kat on the block, with the latter serving as more of a target. He wants to ensure that she leaves because she’s tied to so many people in the game right now. If she goes, Holly and Jackson don’t have a link to some of the other people outside of the Six Shooters group. If Christie or Analyse loses the Field Trip and ends up on the block, there’s a good chance one of them goes. Imagine how mad Tommy would be about losing a close ally on his own Head of Household…

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