‘The Bachelor Canada’ episode 3: Is Whitney Brad Smith’s Courtney?

We’re a little bit late when it comes to getting into “The Bachelor Canada,” mostly because we were a little unsure at first as to whether or not this was going to be the classic case of a bad international adaptation of a popular American reality show, or something more. After three episodes, though, we actually admit that we enjoy this even more than the one in the United States. They’re not afraid to send these ladies traveling all over North America, and we also like how the structure is not necessarily as set in stone as on the other show. There’s not so much a “you must have two one-on-one dates and a group date an episode” philosophy, and there are more opportunities for competition. For example, we have seen two episodes in a row some sort of contest where some winners get some more alone time with our leading man Brad Smith, and it forces drama more than just a guy handing out a rose.

Oh, and then there’s the cast.

What “The Bachelor Canada” did right here was that they didn’t really fix something that was working fine in America when it came to personalities; there are some genuinely nice women (Laura B., Ana, Chantelle), some contenders who are not particularly likable (Whitney), someone who dated a famous person (in Bianka, who was with Kris Humphries at one point), and of course a few people who seem to be mostly there for drama (Gabrielle). Personally, Whitney has a serious Courtney Robertson vibe from Ben Flajnik’s season in America going. She’s not necessarily as evil, but is equally competitive, rubs the other women the wrong way, and we’re pretty sure, even in spite of what this episode tried to pull on us this week, that she is the person Brad would pick right now.Is it a little unfair to categorize the contestants? Sure, but we have to go based mostly on what the producers choose to show us, and this is it for the time being. Thus, it’s crazy town.

As for Brad as a leading man, he’s pretty much exactly what the series loves: a strong, good-looking guy (even if his tattoo is pretty “meh”). Ultimately, though, this show is more about the contestants the lead regardless of if it is “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette,” and all we are happy about is that he doesn’t do anything to make us think he is insane.

Even if you’re not in Canada and your are jonesing for a “Bachelor” fix, this may still be something worth checking out if you can find a video for it online. It’s pretty funny, pretty well-produced, and there are a few ladies here who do seem genuinely more interested in finding love than finding fame and fortune. Now, we just have to hope that they actually end up lasting for the season.

Are you enjoying this show?

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