Yellowstone season 2 episode 8 preview: The Malcolm Beck battle

Yellowstone season 3As we prepare for Yellowstone season 2 episode 8 to arrive on Paramount Network next week, it’s clear where the story is going. John Dutton is the sort of man who fights for every single thing that he believes in, and is never going to stand for someone who tries to harm his daughter.

Tonight, Malcolm Beck’s men tried their best to traumatize Beth in every way imaginable — save for killing her. This was one of the hardest sequences to watch on the show to date and in the aftermath of it, one major question still remains — how will this story continue? Where do we go from here? What is the best way to take Malcolm down? We saw the warning that arrived at his doorstep in the closing minutes tonight and moving forward, we anticipate that the battles between Dutton’s family and Beck are only going to get crazier. We’ll see these parties go at each other in order to ensure that each one of them tries to get what they want.

Yet, this is only scratching the surface for the show Yellowstone is. Think about what else is going to on at the moment within the show. For Kayce and Monica, for together, they seem to be moving forward into another phase of their lives … but there’s no real verification as to whether or not this is something that will last for either one of them. When you’ve been through what they’ve been through, how do you have confidence?

On a different romantic note, Rip did confess something big to Beth tonight, but in the midst of the trauma that she is probably suffering from right now, it’s hard to fathom how she is even going to be able to either see that or feel that. She’ll probably just be doing what she can to get through the days and recover.

Finally, is Jamie going to recover? Beth could care less about him, but John still showed a great deal of caring and pain. He knows what it’s like to lose family and although he and Jamie may never see eye to eye on everything, that doesn’t change who he is to him.

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