‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 spoilers: Some major revenge is brewing…

If there is one thing we have learned through “Sons of Anarchy” this season, it is simply this: if you go at or kill someone’s loved ones, they are probably going to come after you. We saw this first and foremost with Damon Pope … and now’s it’s looking pretty possible that we are going to be seeing the same exact thing with Eli Roosevelt. Thanks to Clay’s home-invasions plans going terribly awry, the man’s wife and daughter are now both dead.

So who is going to be targeted now by the sheriff? Speaking in an interview with Hollywood.com, actor Rockmond Dunbar makes it pretty clear that both Juice and Clay are specifically in trouble … but they are not going to be the only ones:

“This man has lost everything he had to live for … So, everyone is f—ed. I have scenes coming up with Jax, I talk to Damon Pope … there’s a scene I shot last night with Gemma, Juice, and Clay that I could have done all night. Just the dialogue, the actors involved, and the painful issues they’re dealing with… it’s some Emmy s—.” 

Based on the fact that Dunbar has been shooting lately, we can at least likely assume that he is not going to be going out in a blaze of glory immediately, and will at least take a little bit of time to just figure out where he wants to go with his plans to strike back. Dunbar also describes his character as more “lost” than necessarily in a fury, and this may only help to compound the situation for him moving forward.

If you were in Roosevelt’s shoes? How would you handle this situation?

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