Blood & Treasure finale review: What a rush! What a conclusion!

Blood & Treasure season 1CBS’s action-packed treasure hunting adventure, Blood & Treasure ended its first season run with a bang! Last week ended with Jay poisoning Dr. Castillo in order to hide the fact that he is Karim Farouk’s biological father.

The finale begins at the crime scene where Danny and Lexi have arrived. Danny is emotional given that Dr. Castillo was his mentor, but the two learn that it wasn’t Farouk’s men, but Jay after Father Chuck reveals that Dr. Castillo signed for a package that contained the information that Jay is Farouk’s father. Answers continue to be brought to the light when Gwen calls with the information that Gazal was Reece’s mole, not Farouk’s. After being hit with all the information at once Danny hates himself for not realizing that Jay’s been using him from the very beginning and he retreats to the rooftop. Lexi joins him and makes him promise to not kill himself when she reveals that the box of paperwork showed them that Reece is Farouk’s father. It was her father that promised he would handle it and that was in the office safe; in the file, she stole. He realizes that Reece had her father killed making it look like Farouk did it.

What was great about his scene was it truly showed how both Danny and Lexi have grown. Danny normally wouldn’t have punched a wall in frustration and Lexi wouldn’t have run up to the rooftop to comfort him. Together they have come full circle and despite their opposite views on how to handle situations they truly give argument to the whole opposites attract thing.

After comforting Danny, Lexi makes a call to a member in the Brotherhood (someone in the Egyptian military) who tells Lexi that she and her men have located Farouk’s men. However, the takedown goes wrong when a bomb kills all parties involved. Danny and Lexi believe that the bomb denoted with the biotoxin and that it is destroyed, but Gwen still tests to see if it was the toxin. Meanwhile, Danny, Lexi, Father Chuck, and Shaw prepare a plan to takedown Jay at his gala. At the gala, Simon Hardwick is in attendance to receive a medal with Shaw for finding Antony and Cleopatra. However, when a photographer tries to take Simon and Shaw’s picture, both men decline. This makes Danny suspicious because Simon has always talked about the limelight and this final act makes Danny think that Simon Hardwick is actually Karim Farouk and the attack is taking place at the gala. Not long after the two discover Simon’s secret they set out in search of a fire alarm in order to evacuate everyone, but unfortunately they are stopped by a group of mercenaries. The two are captured, but quickly escape with the help of Shaw and Lexi’s hidden knife.

Lexi battles the female mercenary who she believes was the one hired to kill her father and wins. Danny breaks into the main room of the gala by busting through the ceiling and lets Gwen and the rest of Interpol in who have the antidote. Simon, however, has gotten away, but it’s not long after they save the day that they track Simon to Seychelles, where he is finally brought to justice.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, it was a great ride and while we had a feeling from the beginning that Jay was somehow on the wrong side, we didn’t anticipate the Simon Hardwick twist. This twist was fascinating and that’s why we love to watch television in the first place, to be outsmarted by the writers. It keeps us coming back and Blood & Treasure had no shortage of twists and turns. It was a solid treasure hunt and that smartly incorporated the police procedural element. In our opinion, it made the show stand out. As we mentioned previously, the procedural element came into play in the episodes where the characters would go to the next location of Cleopatra’s journey to her final resting place. It was a different, but refreshing approach to the procedural format. In the end, we are excited that there will be a season 2 because everyone needs an adventure like this in their lives.

Blood & Treasure will return with season 2, so don’t worry that the adventure is coming to an end – it’s not.

This article was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO. (Photo: CBS)

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