Paige Turco leaving The 100 following season 6 finale

The 100Is Paige Turco leaving The 100 after being a part of the show for six seasons? Within this video, we’ll answer that question, and share some more insight from showrunner Jason Rothenberg in the process.

Well … let’s go ahead and rip off the band-aid now. Tonight’s episode was the final one for Turco and her character of Abby. While Abby was in some ways gone already before tonight, Clarke was forced to say goodbye to Abby’s “new self” Simone tonight amidst the realization that she was found out — one of many decisions that sets up a chaotic final season. There’s so much to go to there when it comes to the anomaly, but that is a discussion for a different day.

For now, let’s share some more reaction on Paige’s exit in particular. Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, Rothenberg stated the following on Turco filming her final scene on the series:

It was, but Paige is a total pro. From the moment we started talking about her story, through the end, she was on her game and always wonderful to be around. She kind of knew that we were ending the show next season, so she knew she wouldn’t be missing out on a longer run. We hadn’t announced the ending officially, but I’d been pushing for it for a while, so that made it slightly easier. But it was very emotional. It’s always emotional.

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Rothenberg can easily throw the “always” at the end there just because he knows what it’s like to do this series for a long period of time. There have a lot of people who have died on The 100 over the year and, more than likely, there are going to be many more. With that final season in mind, this is a chance for the writers to bring everything home and try to land this story in as big and compelling a way as possible.

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