Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 11 review: What happened to Colin?

Young SmurfTonight’s Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 11 carried with it the title of “Julia,” though it could have easily been “Colin.” This was, by far, the most important origin story episode that we’ve had an opportunity to see so far.

For everyone out there wondering what exactly happened to the father of Pope and Julia, we got a good sense of it in the closing minutes. After doing some local robberies, Smurf and Colin’s crew became the target for local law enforcement. This led to a shootout at a gas station and eventually, the death of Colin amidst the getaway. He bled out while helping the crew escape, and from there Smurf had to find a way to improvise. This led to her eventually getting control of the car, ditching Colin’s crew, and then heading to the only place she felt was feasible: Jed’s. She may not like him, but that doesn’t change the fact that he was the one person who could help her.

With that, we saw Jed do his best to bury Colin — and, fittingly, also bury the car. The two were surrounded within an avalanche of dirt in the closing minutes and all of a sudden, Smurf is going to welcome her babies without their father. (Did we forget to mention that she was extremely pregnant through all of this?)

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Within the present, Smurf was notably MIA for the episode as some of the guys did their best to prepare for their own grand plan, a last hurrah for Smurf presumably that may take place at Jed’s compound and with his gold. Along the way, J also got a new offer from Frankie to get back into business with her — something that we imagine Craig isn’t going to be too eager to do. Craig isn’t too eager to do almost anything right now, mostly due to the fact that he’s a little bit preoccupied trying to be a father and also handle a new job from Deran: Help him get Adrian out of the country. He recognizes that Smurf wants him gone and save for killing him, this is the only way to have that happen. He’s also planning to leave with him, at least for long enough so that Adrian get can his new life off to a good start.

Perhaps the best overall storyline tonight was Pope and Angela’s, mostly because we’re getting a real sense of how messed-up and dysfunctional the two’s relationship is. Angela admitted that she came back into the Cody family’s life in part for money, but she’s found a little something more than that. She does care about Pope in her own strange, demented way, and she does want to find a way to move forward with him. Yet, she also resented that he is trying to “fix” her to compensate for how he abandoned Julia. He chose Smurf over his own twin sister and then she died. Shawn Hatosy’s had many a great performance on this show, but his scenes with Emily Deschanel tonight were some of the best.

Then, you also still had the ramifications of that heart-to-heart — Pope realizing that J set up Angela to relapse by taking her to a place where she would be tempted. Because of that, Pope told J that once Smurf was gone, he also needed to be. He was done with the lies and this was a final straw.

CarterMatt Verdict

How we would describe Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 11 would be as the best episode of the season — simple as that. The flashback stuff with Smurf finally made sense, we got a good sense of the stakes in the present, and with Adrian leaving and Pope wanting J to go as well, we’re set up now for an awesome end to season 4 and an especially-uncertain season 5.

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