Good Trouble season 2 episode 8 video: What’s next for Mariana, Evan?

Freeform LogoAs we approach Good Trouble season 2 episode 8 on Freeform tomorrow night, there are questions to think about. Take, for example, if Callie and Mariana can improve their relationship … and whatever is going on when it comes to the relationship between Mariana and Evan.

In the sneak peek below, you can see Cierra Ramirez’s character doing her part in order to help Evan pick the right outfit. He tells her that he doesn’t choose his own outfits (he has an online personal shopping assistant named Sheila), which explains why he has a lot of shirts that are sort of mismatched and don’t seem to dictate any one individual sort of style. Eventually, Mariana does help him find the right outfit … which then leads to Evan changing right in front of her.

Why would Evan do this? We don’t think that he’s being intentionally seductive or anything of the sort — we just don’t think he understands fully the implications of changing in front of an employee. There is an underlying tension between these two characters and there has been for some time, and Mariana’s interest in him is on some level made clear with how she watches him try the shirt on out of the corner of her eye.

As for whether or not something more happens here between the two, there are complications aplenty that would go along with it. For starters, it would be yet another relationship that Mariana may need to keep secret, and even if they got together and were public about it, Evan would be subject to questions as to whether or not he leveraged his power in order to have a romantic relationship with someone on his staff. There would then also be questions of fairness and favoritism that would come from it. It’s always possible that a relationship like this could work, but it could also prove to be very messy and have consequences for both parties involved.

Tomorrow’s episode (read more about it here) is being billed as the “summer finale” — for those wondering, that does not mean that it is the series finale. There will be another batch of episodes coming in season 2, but there is no clear return date yet.

What do you want to see on Good Trouble season 2 episode 8?

Where do you want to see things go with Mariana and Evan? Be sure to share in the comments below. (Photo: Freeform.)

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