Poldark season 5 episode 4 review: Should Ross kick Ned to the curb?

Poldark season 5Tonight, Poldark season 5 episode 4 scattered its characters and provided you a good many conflicts — with many of them emotional at its core.

When it comes to life in Cornwall, Ralph Hanson is doing what he could in order to ensure that he got his talons into the local community. That meant roping in Tess, who already hated Demelza, to get a lay of the land in regards to Ross and then also Ned Despard.

Meanwhile, family bonding was a big part of the episode — but not in the way that you would expect. Morwenna, for example, was desperate in order to ensure that she could see her son once more — but it was difficult and it required her to do so in secret. The moment that she recognized that her boy didn’t remember her, it was heartbreaking. Drake wants to help her, but he just doesn’t know how to make that happen.

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Meanwhile, Ross is finding himself spending more time with Valentine, who he ended up bringing to the school as a means for him to be around other kids his age. We imagine that George will not like this, but George does have some other priorities at hand at the moment. Think, for example, him trying to get his mind right with the help of Dwight Enys, who is ramping up some of his treatments. After he started to recognize that Elizabeth was dead, that is when he got angry about Ross spending time with Valentine.

While George was starting to unleash some of his anger, Ross was back at home venting to Demelza — he feels responsible for Elizabeth’s death, as he encouraged her to have another child to squelch some of George’s doubts that Valentine was his.

Then comes the protests

At the end of the episode, George found another threat that he would have to deal with: Protests outside of his home, ones led and perpetuated by Ned and Tess. What Ned didn’t quite realize was that not everyone may be on the same page. George closed the mine and the workers rioted on the other side. It was left to Ross to try and clean up the mess. He did that by getting George to announce that he was going to re-open the mines and get some of these people back in business soon.

What we’re starting to get the sense of from here is that Ross believes a bit too strongly that he and Ned are the same when, in reality, they are not. On the other side of the protest Tess was dismissed, meaning that the mole in Nampara is now gone … at least for now. There’s still a chance that she’ll turn back up.

At the end of the episode, Ross found himself lumped in with Ned as a part of the protest, showing that Ned got him roped in to more problems than what he first even realized. This will be a problem — a mighty big one.

CarterMatt Verdict

Coming out of tonight’s episode, it looks like the Geoffrey Charles/Cecily romance is heating up, that Ned is still stirring up trouble, and Ross enabling him has temporarily caused some trouble in their marriage. This was yet another stellar episode, and one where the story of the season is starting to take further shape.

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