Better Call Saul season 5: How could it aid Breaking Bad movie?

Better Call Saul season 5Given how long ago it was when the news was first announced, we must admit — we’re surprised that there hasn’t been more news stated in regards to the upcoming Breaking Bad movie project. Every sign oput there suggests that there’s something happening, but there’s no word as to what the story will be other than rumors that it could be about Jesse Pinkman.

Because AMC has been so patient so far in revealing details, we have to think that they will continue to be patient from here on out. Yet, we do think that there is a golden opportunity to announce more details — when Better Call Saul season 5 premieres in early 2020. Could the show be used for a proper movie announcement? We like to think so, and there are a couple of different ways that it could happen.

First, let’s talk the obvious way — finding a way in order to use a Better Call Saul broadcast to share more details about the movie. Maybe AMC uses a commercial break for an official announcement, or maybe they stage some sort of aftershow in order to ensure that this happens. Maybe they work to use the movie announcement in order to get a ratings bump — they don’t necessarily need huge ratings to keep Better Call Saul on the air, but it doesn’t hurt.

As for another possibility, could they actually hint to the movie in the show’s story? That’s a tough thing to figure out. If the movie is some other prequel, we imagine that it would be possible. You would just need to feature a line or two of dialogue with a character talking about whoever the focus is. Another possibility is having it referenced within the Gene flash-forwards — this would allow the movie to be a sequel, but still within the established world we’re seeing with that dimension of Saul Goodman.

We still feel like integrating the movie into Better Call Saul’s story is the show getting a little bit too cute, and we’d prefer an announcement during a commercial break or something in the new year … though technically, we’d prefer an announcement tomorrow! We just think it benefits AMC to use the show they already have to reveal more information since the platform is there.

How do you think AMC could use Better Call Saul to tease this movie?

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