‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4: Exec talks scene with Ian Somerhalder, [spoiler]

Before we start off this article about “The Vampire Diaries,” we have to share a warning: if you have not yet watched the episode from Thursday night, you need to stop reading now or otherwise be spoiled of a rather tear-jerking ending.

Since we’re assuming you’ve watched the episode now, how emotional were you watching Damon basically talking to the spirit of Alaric at his grave at the end of the episode? It was yet another sweet moment showing us that Damon had a true friend that was once a part of this world, and it’s something that he obviously wishes he hadn’t taken for granted so much while he was alive. The loss of the character is still devastating to many of the leads, but without that sort of moral compass at his side, Ian Somerhalder’s character seems more likely to go off the rails than ever.

Following the episode’s airing, executive producer Julie Plec spoke out to Entertainment Weekly, and basically shared just how many emotions went into making a scene that was a serious slice of nostalgia for diehard fans:

“Yes. I cried when we pitched it. I cried when it was written. I cry every time I see it … I miss Matt Davis so much, as does everybody on the show. This was our opportunity to just show him some of that love, and tell him he will never be forgotten and that he always has a home in Mystic Falls.”

For now, Davis has moved on to his new series “Cult,” which is slated to premiere on the network at midseason. We actually would not be stunned given the dropping ratings for “Beauty and the Beast” if “Cult” ended up at some point following “The Vampire Diaries” on the schedule, and thus creating a lineup that really had some sort of connection to the series in every way possible.

How emotional were you watching this scene?

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