Blue Bloods season 10: What Jamie, Eddie could face at work

Blue Bloods season 10

As we get closer to Blue Bloods season 10 premiering this fall, there are going to be a lot of struggles coming — especially for Jamie and Eddie Reagan. While they may have a lot to celebrate in terms of their marriage, they do have to go back to work … and that does come with a lion’s share of problems. How will Eddie be treated by her co-workers? How will she deal with having Jamie as a boss now that she is his wife? We think that there are some issues worth exploring here!

How will Jamie handle it? – What we know about Jamie already is that he has spent a big part of his life under the shadow of his father. He knows what it’s like to have to deal with allegations of nepotism and that he’s only made it to where he is in life because of who he is related to. We have to think that he will use all of this thought process in mind with Eddie. We’re going to see him try his best to treat her like a normal cop and let her fight her own battles — though he may try to inject himself here or there if he feels like it’s going too far. He also may need to intentionally give her difficult or unwelcome cases at times to prove that there is no bias on his part.

How will Eddie handle it? – Discussing the relationship with her colleagues to some extent is fine, especially if they’re upset about how their relationship was kept from them. Yet, at a certain point she should move on and note that she is just a part of the team. It only has to be a problem if you let it become one, and we don’t think that it necessarily has to impact every single aspect of their professional lives. We foresee her siding with her fellow cops often, and then also going to Jamie to advise him of some of this before she does anything.

How are some of the other cops going to handle it? – Sure, there will be some people on the force who think that it’s unfair that Eddie is working under her spouse at work and could receive unfair treatment; others may just be upset that they were kept out of the loop. We do think that there will be some time spent seeing how some of the cops treat Eddie differently (and some will) — but it feels wrong to assume that this will lead to discontentment from people all the time. These are all people trying to do their jobs and eventually, we’re going to see more important issues arise.

What sort of struggles do you think Jamie and Eddie are going to have next?

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