Yellowstone season 2 episode 6 review: Jamie’s American tragedy

Yellowstone season 2 episode 6We knew that Jamie Dutton on Yellowstone season 2 episode 6 was walking a delicate high-wire act, trying to be a part of this world, but never having the stomach for it. He’s scrambled to find a place and dug a hole so big with the Attorney General election that he wasn’t able to work his way out of.

This brings us to the death of reporter Sarah Nguyen, the most important death of the season. It’s not just how she died as it was how she died. She was murdered by a cowardly Jamie, who was so afraid that the story would come out and it would destroy his family. He was so desperate to save and protect what little love he had from the Duttons that he killed her in a rage. The scene of her choking her, while sobbing and apologizing, has to be one of the more horrific ones of the season.

The death of Sarah was rough to watch. Then, there was the cover-up on the other side of it. Jamie went to Rip for help to clean up the mess, and that’s when Rip went to Walker for assistance. Walker’s been desperate to leave the ranch for a while, and this was a means to get him out of there, but also harboring a dangerous secret. He was promised down the road that if Kayce was ever running the ranch, he would be able to come back without worry.

We’ll see if anything comes back with Walker’s story, but Rip set him up as an accessory to murder if he ever needs to hang anything over him.

Sarah’s body was deposited in the river and made to look like a rafting accident. Are the cops going to buy this? It’s convincing enough in that there are people who die in that river, but every little part of this, from the smashing of the phone to her placement in the water to a possible autopsy, will be heavily scrutinized.

While Jamie may have started this story with status and even a great college education, this has a very An American Tragedy vibe to it. It’s the story of a desperate man afraid of someone ruining the life that he’s trying to create, and commits a vile deed in order to ensure that his secrets stay buried.

Other trouble at the ranch

Are John and Dan Jenkins about to join forces? It feels that way thanks to the new threat presented by Malcolm Beck. The scene of John trashing Dan’s office was next-level awesome, though it’s kinda ironic that an alliance comes about on the other side of all of that.

Meanwhile, great news came out for Jimmy as he ended up winning his cowboy competition without seemingly even realizing it. He gets more money for himself (otherwise known as what he’s wanted). It’s hard to know where this story it’s going (we hope it’s somewhere), but it was nice to see a little bit of rodeo culture explored along the way.

CarterMatt Verdict

“It’s a big thing, taking a life.” That was a message that Kayce shared with Tate at the end of the episode and it was echoed by John Dutton. Things die and something kills everyone. It’s just all a matter of timing. Yellowstone did hit the theme of death tonight a little hard on the nose, but we don’t mind revisiting it in some form given how much of this episode was defined by what Jamie did. It’s the murder that could be scrutinized and come back to haunt the Dutton family forever. It’s all based mostly on the wrong person figuring out the wrong thing at the wrong time.

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