‘Jersey Shore’ season 6: Deena Cortese talks post-arrest cry session

We have seen some rather sad moments from “Jersey Shore” star Deena Cortese over the years, but we are not sure that there was one that was as rough for her as when she was arrested this past summer after being a drunken mess on the streets of Seaside Heights. This story became a headline even before the episodes aired, even though all she really ended up getting as a punishment for it was some “sober up” time in jail and a small fine.

So what was going through her slightly-impaired mind at the time she was being put behind bars? Speaking as a part of the latest “Jersey Shore Hook-Up” clip, the reality star really just described how the entire situation ended up at first being embarrassing, and then ultimately really emotional as she realized just what sort of position she had put herself in courtesy of her own actions:

“I had a really good time, and then it wound up in the drunk tank … and it was like, ‘Cool, look at me. I’m by myself. I’m drinking alone! I’m really sad. Like, this is a sad story. I think I have a problem’ … and then I cry, ‘cause that’s what I always do. I always cry.”

Is the rest of the season going to be a step in the right direction for her? We don’t necessarily know the answer to that just yet, but we are at least rather confident that it does not end up getting much worse. After all, we already know that she and her boyfriend Chris are still dating, and she still seems to get on with most of her other roommates.

Do you think that this is a mistake that Deena will ever make again? If you want to watch the video of Deena getting locked up yet again, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: MTV

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