‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: Feel sorry for Rumpelstiltskin

We never really expected to say the words that are in the title, but we very much do see Rumpelstiltskin in a whole new light just by watching the newest sneak peek released for Sunday night’s new “Once Upon a Time.”

So what are we going to see from Robert Carlyle’s character? Basically, we have a far greater understanding as to why he is as desperate for power as he is, and why he is so afraid of letting his guard down. After all, the explanation for it is rather simple: his wife made him feel even more like the small man that he already was. Rather than come home and help him care for the couple’s son, she was more interested in taking off to the high seas on an adventure with Captain Hook, a man who does not have the same sort of reputation as the town coward.

What we take from this scene is really that Rumple was probably made to feel even worse about himself by his mother, and when he saw an opportunity to finally take control of his life and protect his son, he took it. However, he did not realize at the time just how alluring the power was going to be for him, and thus he ended up going completely overboard to the point where he was really just a shell of his former, rather kind-hearted self. Rumple has still yet to uncover who his son is in Storybrooke, and this is something that likely continues to eat at him day after day as time goes by. (There are some theories out there that maybe his boy is the man we saw briefly during the premiere, but these are not confirmed by any stretch of the imagination.)

What do you think about this video, and do you feel worse for Rumpelstiltskin now than you did before?

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