Blood & Treasure episode 12 review: Shocking truth about Danny’s past

Blood and TreasureLast night CBS’s Blood & Treasure brought us one step closer to the high stakes battle between Farouk’s men and Danny and Lexi. At the end of last week’s episode, suspicion was looming over Jacob Reece and whether or not he may be the one pulling the strings on Farouk. In the episode titled ” Legacy of the Father” Hardwick helps Danny and Lexi try to outmaneuver the Brotherhood while Danny learns shocking revelations that shatter everything he thought he knew about his past.

Last night picked up right where we left off with Danny refusing to believe that Jay could be part of such a corrupt plan and instead believing the Brotherhood to be behind everything. Lexi, on the other hand, believed that Jay was capable and that the Brotherhood was innocent. This lead to Danny teaming up with Shaw to hunt down henchman Yates while Gwen and Lexi went on a search for Ghazal, however, both teams ended up on Cairo in a high speed chase for Yates that ending up killing the henchman. Meanwhile, Ghazal was found dead.

After briefly grieving for Yates’s death, Danny and Lexi along with Shaw went to the apartment Yates had been frequenting and soon realized it was Jay’s apartment after Danny saw the painting “The Death of Cleopatra”, the missing painting never recovered from the heist that sent Danny’s father to prison. Danny put two and two together and came to the shocking conclusion that Jay was the reason his father was in jail and the final piece of evidence that made him realize his mentor could be the mastermind behind Farouk. His thoughts were interrupted by Hardwick, who called to say he knew where the Brotherhood was keeping Antony and Cleopatra, but that they must hurry as they are being transported in a day or so. Danny and Lexi know that Farouk’s men will try and capture Antony and Cleopatra on route to their new location, which leaves them with one choice; to break into the bank.

After successfully completing their mission at the bank, the group escaped in a police car with Gwen’s help and shared a celebratory fist bump. That fist bump was great to see because for the first time no one was working against the other. Everyone was on the team and it was a moment we had been waiting for and it didn’t disappoint. The dynamic of this group is great because while they seem similar to someone else in the group, each one holds a side of them that is unique and compliments the others. Even the scene at the top of the episode when Danny, Lexi, Shaw, Gwen, and Dr. Castillo barge into Father Chuck’s place for a group meeting was great to see. The gang’s all here and now we are getting somewhere. The only missing piece is Hardwick, who clearly wants to be part of the team despite his secret agenda that hasn’t been made totally clear. Hopefully there will be answers soon.

The final scene of the hour proved to the most powerful. Dr. Castillo confronted Jay about information Father Chuck received from a friend that revealed Jay is Farouk’s biological father and that Farouk’s mother, Zara, was the woman Jay had a passionate love affair with years before. However, Jay wanted nothing to do with the monster and sought to remove any evidence to the truth and his final act of covering that up was to poison Dr. Castillo.

CarterMatt Verdict

The final moments left us grieving for the woman who had evaded death in the first episode and who so clearly never knew the danger she was in the moment she found out Jay’s secret. In addition, Jay’s relationship with Danny has deteriorated and next week will be the final showdown we have been waiting for!

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This article was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO. (Photo: CBS)

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