‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 spoilers: Bad news for Joel McHale

Joel McHaleAssuming that Warren on “Sons of Anarchy” was obvious a con man long before he first ran into Gemma, we have a feeling that the vast majority of the tricks he has pulled on people over the years have worked out in his favor in some way or another. With that in mind, we have a feeling he was probably rather stunned to see this one most likely blow up completely and totally in his face.

So what are we talking about here specifically? Basically, all you have to do is look at the photo to the left. After Gemma wakes up on Tuesday night’s new episode to see that Joel McHale’s character has completely and totally flown the coop with some of her belongings into tow, Jax is going to try and hunt the man down; as we know already, doing anything to make the current SAMCRO head come after you is probably not a good thing.

Joel McHaleSo do we anticipate there being a fight here? If there is one, it certainly would not be fair given that Jax also has Tig with him, whereas Warren seems to be all by himself. We certainly don’t see this guy, though, as someone who is going to put up his dukes; rather, he’s a little more likely to take off the moment he realizes that these guys are trouble and put his life at risk. Granted, we are not sure that even this is going to end up working particularly well for the man. After all, we know that McHale cannot really stick around here too long thanks to his gig on “Community,” which released a rather hilarious video on Friday reminding us that season 4 is coming eventually.

Speaking of videos, you can also take a look at a promo for Tuesday night’s new “Sons of Anarchy” episode here.

Photo: FX

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