‘Supernatural’ season 8 spoilers: First video of ‘found footage’ episode

We love that “Supernatural” is so willing to shake from its own already-flexible mold eight seasons in, and we’re not sure that there is a better example of their creativity as a whole than what we are going to see in their upcoming episode entitled “Bitten.” The hour is set to air on Wednesday, and it will, as previously reported, actually take a bit of a detour from what we have seen on the show in the past. Sam and Dean will be relegated to a brief role, and the focus instead is going to be on a trio of college students showing off some footage on their cameras similar to what we have seen in such films like “Cloverfield” and “Chronicle.”

So what are these young people really up to? The answer appears to be simple: they are investigating a series of animal attacks, but given that the name for the hour is “Bitten,” we have a feeling that it will somehow end up evolving into something more than that. After all, doesn’t it always?

The structure of this episode does make one thing fairly clear to us, though: we are probably not going to be jumping back to Dean in purgatory very much at all. As a matter of fact, we expect many of the storylines to take a back seat at least so long as we are looking at this episode from the standpoint of what we have been shown. It’s possible that there is more of a secret connection here than we are aware of, but these things seem to take some time.

What do you think about this episode so far based on the first video of it?

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