‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Lea Michele confirms return of…

We are now about midway through the “Glee” hiatus that is lasting until Thursday, November 8, but luckily, we do have a few more details to tide us over courtesy of one of the hit Fox series’ biggest stars in Lea Michele. So what, or who, can we expect to see again very soon? Let’s just say that it should make fans of a certain classic TV comedy rather happy.

In a new post on her Twitter account, Michele confirmed that we will in fact be seeing none other than former “Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker yet again on the show in the future, and she is even filming a new scene at this very moment with Parker as well as Chris Colfer. The guest star will be taking part in at least one more musical number during her stay on the show, which she has already confirmed in some sort of shape or form will be reasonably short-lived moving forward. At some point, Kurt may have to choose between pursuing a career as a performer and keeping his prestigious job working at Vogue.com, and we really don’t know at the moment just which option he is leaning towards.

While guest stars on this show are often superfluous, it was still nice to see Parker bring a touch of positivity to New York, especially since we have already seen from Rachel’s own mentor in Cassandra July someone who is not even remotely interested in being kind to anyone. We still wonder about how capable Parker’s Isabelle is at her job, but we should find out more about that in the weeks ahead.

Are you excited to see more of Isabelle on the show this fall?

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