Poldark season 5 episode 3 review: Who saved George? Demelza’s goal

PoldarkLeading into Poldark season 5 episode 3, we had a feeling that there would be chaos. There were going to be trouble at the mines and, more than that, there was also political problems coursing through all of Cornwall and beyond.

When it comes to action and high-stakes drama, the stuff going on at the mines has long been a Poldark staple. Tonight, Ross learned about the incident right in the middle of a local fancy party, one that also included Kitty having to endure dumb racism and then also questions aplenty about George (who was receiving “treatment” for some of his mental health struggles).

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Before the incident at the mines, one of the key components to the story tonight was seeing the party — otherwise known as the point where Morwenna found herself dealing with great sadness. Lady Whitworth, as it turns out, was in attendance, and she made it clear how intent she was to keep Morwenna’s son away from her. This is a young man Morwenna was forced to leave behind in order to escape the abusive situation that she was in.

Despite everything that she’s gone through, Morwenna is still doing what she can in order to help some of the people of Cornwall — especially those who are young. That’s why the two characters are doing what they can to expand things insofar as education goes! They’re starting a school to encourage writing and writing among the town’s youth, even though they are being met with pushback from those who want to commit to the more traditional way of life.

How about for a fun, happy moment featuring kids — Ross and Demelza’s own children spending some time with Valentine? We also had the brief continuation of Geoffrey Charles’ romance with Cecily.

The state of George

How great is Jack Farthing this season? After almost killing his own uncle, the treatments that George received for his hallucinations were quite severe. He was bound to his bed and, for a time, it appeared as though he was going to just rot there. Yet, George found his way out and by the end of the episode, seemed ready to fall the rocks and to his death. That’s when it was none other than Dwight who saved him.

For most of the episode, George’s loved ones did their part to hide what was going on with him, proclaiming that he was away in the north when he was not. This is where Ross, quite hilariously, used George’s uncle and his excuses to ensure that Geoffrey Charles’ military schooling could be paid for.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, we would say that Poldark season 5 episode 3 delivered action, drama, romance, and Eleanor Tomlinson singing — a lot of the stuff that people out there love. Ultimately, we would describe this episode as one about characters doing their part to both stay afloat and also find their place. Ross is still trying to help Ned, Dwight is working to help everyone, and Demelza wants to make the world around Cornwall a little bit better.

To date, this is a fantastic batch of episodes, ones that raises all sorts of interesting questions while also keeping the DNA of what we love so far.

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