Claws season 3 episode 8 review: Did Desna tell Quiet Ann the truth?

Claws season 3 episode 6Following last week’s big death, we wondered how Claws season 3 episode 8 would push things forward. Was there a way that we would see things somehow get bloodier?

Well, the TNT series managed to answer our own question tonight. This was an episode where death reigned supreme more so than any one thing. Yet, the main character who was killed tonight wasn’t as likable as Arlene. Instead, it was one of the two Big Bads in Mac who was wiped off the face of the earth. Following some of the financial demands made by the Professor of the triads, Desna, Mac, and Melba found themselves collectively in a position where they had to figure out what they were going to do.

Through the episode tonight, we saw Desna actually work with Mac and Melba in order to make sure that they got some of the money that they needed to get the triads off their back — this led to a crazy, over-the-top robbery mission that had some dire consequences. Mac was shot while they were making their escape and he wasn’t able to make it out on the other side.

The good news is that the triad may be off Desna’s back, but then also faced another problem: Having to kill Melba. This was the order that came in next from the Professor, recognizing that she was going to be too emotional over Mac’s loss and that meant a measure of unpredictability. That’s something that he was not willing to risk in regards to his future.

Then, how about another problem to top that problem? Think along the lines of Quiet Ann. At the end of the episode, Desna recognized that she couldn’t lie to her about what happened to Arlene. However, she did still lie about who killed her, claiming that it was Mac who did it — likely a measure to keep her safe. That performance of Judy Reyes in the closing minutes was nothing short of devastating.

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Polly embraces the darkness

Well, we think you can make a clear-cut argument at this point that Joe is a terrible influence on the character. Through the latest round of killing Polly has embraced more of her new and quite terrifying identity, which we personally believe to be bad news for every single person she encounters from here on out. We don’t know where Polly is going to land on the other side of all of this.

CarterMatt Verdict

Claws season 3 still doesn’t know quite what to do with Dean Norris, and the show could be served by allowing the Uncle Daddy – Toby story to be resolved sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, we don’t know what they are hoping to accomplish with Dean and “Virginia” at this point either, other than continuing to distract Dean from all that is true in his life.

This episode was at its best when it was emotional and reminding us about the relationships that matter the most. Desna and her crew are the emotional through-line of the series and Claws is best served remembering that — the Quiet Ann/Desna moment was the high point of the episode and that will be the driving force through the remainder of this season.

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