Is Beecham House new tonight on ITV? Season 2 hopes

Beecham HouseIs Beecham House new tonight on ITV? Within this article, we answer that question and also looking towards the future.

Unfortunately, we come within this article bearing some less-than-great news — there is no installment of Beecham House on the air tonight. Why is that? It mostly comes back to the fact that last night was the season finale. We’ve made it now to the end of John Beecham’s story — at least for the time being. We’re left to wonder as a result of that what the future is going to end up being.

What we do know at the moment is simply this: The producers of Beecham House definitely left the door WIDE OPEN for there to be more of this story coming up at some point down the line. The first season concluded with August being kidnapped and the search for him could prove to be an incredible season 2 storyline … provided of course that we get it. The larger question there is whether or not this is something that is possible.

So why wouldn’t ITV want to give us more of this world? The simple answer to that is one of performance. While the first season of Beecham House proved to be quality entertainment, at the same time it didn’t deliver big ratings for the network. We think that they would love to bring it back if possible, but the performance does not allow for that decision to be easy. Throughout the next few weeks, we imagine that the network will look at its performance and figure out if it’s done enough to justify being back for another run.

If there’s one piece of advice we’d offer ITV, it’s this — go ahead and give Beecham House another chance, mostly because season 1 could build up an audience over time and also internationally. There’s a chance that it could find a big crowd over the months ahead and season 2 could prove to be a larger hit. You have to take a chance somewhere, so why not go ahead and do so here?

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Are you sad that Beecham House is not on the air tonight? Be sure to share in the comments and check back soon for more information. We’ll have more on the show’s fate when it is available. (Photo: ITV.)

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