Blue Bloods season 10 spoilers: Treat Williams returning as Lenny

Blue Bloods season 10

For those of you angling to get your first big-time dose of Blue Bloods season 10 casting news, here it is — Treat Williams is coming back as Lenny!

In a new post on Twitter, Williams himself confirmed that he is shooting the series in Brooklyn — and also shared a photo of one of the most unusual bathrooms we’ve ever seen. It is a little bit surprising to be seeing Lenny so soon in Blue Bloods season 10, but we’re always grateful to have someone to go toe-to-toe with Frank Reagan. The two characters are actually friends, but Lenny often finds himself at the center of controversy, including this past season where he was willing to take a fall for some things that he didn’t actually do. He’s got a complicated past, both personally and professionally, and whether or not that comes up in this upcoming episode is still to be seen.

Regardless, one of the best things about Blue Bloods is that they have a really great bench of quality guest stars that they can bring back for a number of different reasons. With Lenny, it’s a chance to explore some of Frank’s past as a cop, and also take on the differences between who he was and who he is now. Even though Frank may seem to be steady as a rock, he like anyone else has changed a little bit over the years. He’s dropped some bad habits and embraced the leadership responsibility that goes along with being a part of the NYPD.

Blue Bloods season 10 is set to premiere on CBS this September, and the crew had a 200th episode party! That is a tremendous occasion, given how rarely shows make it to that point in the run in 2019. Hopefully, there’s a chance for many more episodes coming in the weeks and years to come. Getting familiar faces back on is a great way to help keep the viewership you have.

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(Photo: CBS.)

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