Yellowstone season 2 episode 5 review: Jamie’s act, violent consequences

Jamie DuttonTonight on Yellowstone season 2 episode 5, we bore witness to a story that was largely all about the past. Sometimes, you can’t erase it no matter how much you want to.

For Jamie Dutton, he wanted nothing more. He regretted immensely his choices in regards to selling out his family to the reporter and wanted nothing more than to undo it. Within this episode, he tried everything that he could to undo it. There was just no way to do so without any consequences eventually coming on the other side.

So, prior to the reports hitting the press, he did the only thing that he really could do — confess the truth to his sister Beth. This was a betrayal of the worst kind to her and Beth acted out in an angrier fashion than we’ve ever seen her before. She was brutal and she wanted nothing more than to make her brother feel some of her rage. He did, and that was before having to even confront John about it. (The performance of Wes Bentley in this scenes, sniveling and fearful, was one of the best things that we have seen from him as an actor over the years. So much strong work put into a short period of time.)

Whether or not there is a way for Jamie to walk any of this back is to be determined — for now, it feels more like the past is going to come back to haunt him for episodes to come.

As for Kayce…

While it felt like Monica’s story was a little more on the backburner tonight, we saw Kayce continue to do what he could alongside the livestock agents — leading to at one point a showdown with Dan Jenkins where some truths about him were revealed. (Clearly, he’s not so tough.) Dan has a history of being a little bit rough around the edges, but there’s an insecurity that is there with him in terms of livestock itself.

What we learned about Kayce through the process of this was mostly that this is someone who is a little more quick to violence than we even first assumed — and he has some demons in him due to his time serving that were not previously clear before. Maybe those will become apparent as time goes on, but the two of them are a little bit more alike than either one of them wants to admit.

Jimmy’s quest for coin

While we don’t quite think that what happened with him training to earn some more coin is going to be the stuff of Yellowstone legend, there was something fun that came from him training and working in order to ensure that he could make a little bit of extra money. This was a fun story, and a nice change from some of what we’ve seen for Jimmy and some of the other bunkhouse folks as of late.

CarterMatt Verdict

Yellowstone season 2 episode 5 delivered a fantastic storyline about family, about betrayal, and about finding a way to ensure that the story keeps moving forward. Moving forward, it’s clear that Jamie’s actions may have hurt the ranch, but it’s going to take an episode or two in order to assess the real impact. Just the scene at the end of the show is enough to leave your jaw hanging on the floor.

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