Suits season 9 episode 2 review: Louis Litt’s gutter ball

Suits season 9 episode 2

Following tonight’s Suits season 9 episode 2, one thing feels clear: Things are going from bad to worse for all of the firm. That’s especially the case for Louis Litt.

At the end of tonight’s episode, Faye Richardson stripped Louis of his title of Managing Partner after he tried his hardest to make sure that Faye was unable to do her job by whatever means possible. First, he tried to make it seem to his Associates that Faye was reluctant to join — a move meant to boost his own image and not make the firm look terrible at all. Then, he did his best to convince IT guy Benjamin to comb through the Bar by-laws after hacking into their server — he didn’t specify the hacking per se, but it was easy to interpret what he wanted.

In the end, Louis was called out by Faye, and the same goes for his attempt to fire Benjamin later for “betraying” him and spilling the beans to Faye — which he didn’t do so much as she just found out what he was up to.

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Note that Louis isn’t fired from the firm (yet), but he no longer has anywhere near the responsibilities that he did. Does this mean that Faye is now in charge? What we’re looking at with this character is someone who is trying to just steer the ship in the right direction. She doesn’t have to be the enemy, but the firm’s making it that way by scrambling around her and trying to cover their tracks. Take, for example, Harvey and Donna working overtime to try and get Thomas Kessler to stay so that he doesn’t have to give an exit interview with Faye over some of what happened to him and what Harvey did in order to help him last season. At first, it worked, but Kessler eventually determined that he wasn’t going to be able to go through with staying there given his history with Donna.

Donna may have had the best strategy dealing with Faye — just telling her the truth. If only there were more ways to do this beyond just this moment and Donna/Harvey telling Louis the truth about their relationship, which Louis was absolutely giddy about. The scene of Louis trying to get gossipy details out of Donna about them sleeping together was one of the funniest moments of the episode, right behind Alex taking Louis bowling in order to relax him. As it turns out, Louis was a great bowler once he learned to channel his rage — it’s too bad that he went from hitting strikes there to sending his legal career straight into the gutter.

Samantha Wheeler’s story

Samantha found her own struggles dealing with Faye because of her oversight into a pro bono case that she was working on regarding Lucas, an old friend who she served with many years before. Lucas still had PTSD from his multiple tours and was struggling to keep his career and the best that she could get for him at first was a $25,000 settlement. Yet, she was willing to propose something more to him — a payment via a separate corporation that he could have if he was able to get his life together.

Samantha was able to skirt the rules of the firm and the Bar tonight, but we’ll see if that lasts.

CarterMatt Verdict

We’ll admit that the Samantha story didn’t offer much of anything to the larger story, even if it was nice to learn more about her past and some of what she’s gone through. Suits season 9 episode 2 was an exercise in learning more about who Faye Richardson is and how she’s moving towards shutting down the firm once and for all. This was one of Louis’ funniest episodes despite the demotion at the end, whether it be learning about his mankini habits or his new bowling skills. Yes, it is hokey that Louis was magically able to become an amazing bowler because of one piece of advice from Alex, but Suits isn’t always realistic.

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