Veronica Mars season 5 already in discussions, despite Logan controsvery

Will there be a Veronica Mars season 5 on Hulu? Even in spite of all of the blowback out there at the moment, it’s still possible. As a matter of fact, we’d gauge that it is likely.

Think about things in this sense — one of the things that most major networks look at when gauging a renewal/cancellation is overall watch time and, because the death of Logan happens at the very end of season 4, viewers will stick around to that point. Sure, there may be a few who figure it out in advance and decide not to watch, but the majority of casual viewers will be in the dark. The internet has a tendency to inflate overall outrage on TV twists/the abundance of spoilers that are out there.

What we can say here is that if Hulu sees good numbers, they’ll probably renew the show for another season even if there are a lot of people who are upset. They may think that some will continue watching regardless, or that the anger will cool off. We’re not sure if either one of those things is true, but time will tell. Speaking via TVLine, here is what executive producer Rob Thomas had to say about both himself and also star Kristen Bell:

“They have checked mine and Kristen’s availability moving forward. Bottom line: If we do good numbers for Hulu, we will be doing more [seasons] for Hulu. I think they really like the show. But I also think that they need to see that people are watching it.”

Meanwhile, Thomas also added that he already had a vision story-wise for where he could take Veronica and some other cast members moving forward:

“I have a couple ideas in my head, one of which is very Agatha Christie-[esque] … It won’t be this exactly, but some version of Murder in a Manor House. Something that is so explicitly detective-y… I want to really lean into that we are a detective show… I feel like Season 4 was the bridge season, to take us from half soap opera/half mystery show to full detective/mystery show.”

Odds are, we’ll learn about the future of Veronica Mars over the next few weeks … and we’re anticipating that a renewal is coming.

Do you want to see a Veronica Mars season 5?

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