Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 10 preview: Forming an ‘Exit Strategy’

Animal Kingdom season 3Where are we going to see things go on Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 10? Next week’s new episode “Exit Strategy” is going to push you closer to Smurf’s endgame … or something that feels like that.

What we saw from her tonight was clear: She went to Jed, collected a lot of weapons, and she’s preparing for an elaborate heist. It’s one that she wants to be more involved with than the majority of the jobs that the family’s had as of late. Yet, what that job is and what her goals are remain to be seen. She has cancer and because of that, she knows that her time is running out. Whatever she is doing is important enough to her that she is willing to spend a good bit of time working in order to make it happen.

Below, CarterMatt offers up the official Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 10 synopsis with a few more details:

Smurf orders the Cody boys to plan a dangerous job while she orchestrates an elaborate party at the house; J tries to ally himself with Pope but learns he’s in way over his head; Craig responds to a challenge to his newly formed family with Renn.

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One surprise in the synopsis is that Smurf isn’t heading into the field, as she suggested she would in the episode tonight. As for J working alongside Pope, he is probably just trying to protect himself knowing that Pope is the sort of person who will blow a gasket if he notices any of J’s mistakes. Pope may also not be pleased with the stunt that J pulled with Angela tonight, no matter what his endgame is with her. (There’s still a certain degree of mystery there.)

As for Craig and Renn, he’s in an interesting spot with her. He has an opportunity here to build something of a normal life. Having a baby around is the sort of thing that can cause someone to change their perspective and maybe he’ll realize that being a father and being safe is a little more important than dealing constantly with drama pertaining to various heists and putting his life on the line.

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