A Million Little Things season 2 progress report: Where things stand

A Million Little ThingsThe wait for A Million Little Things season 2 is a long one still. It’s airing on ABC this fall and for now, the one thing that we’ve got to go on is the fact that production is underway. We know Chandler Riggs will be back and we hope Christina Ochoa will be. There are a lot of questions still to be answered, but more than just understanding where certain mysteries are going to land, we mostly want to see these characters be happy. They’ve been through a lot and we like to think that they can find their way back towards the light.

So when can you start to see previews? Hopefully in the near future; after all, the premiere episode is just about done in the editing process! That was confirmed in a new message on Twitter via show executive producer DJ Nash, who has been working tirelessly on the new season for many weeks on end. Now that we’re entering season 2, there are so many more expectations that come along with that. We know what the show is now and we know what it’s capable of — incredible drama and powerful moments, for starters. It makes you feel something real and raw and relatable. From the start, the goal with this show is to find a way so that you really feel something deep within your core. If it does that, then clearly, it’s done something right.

When the first A Million Little Things season 2 trailer does come out, we’re not actually sure that it’s going to be much of a trailer. Instead, it could end up being more of a promo that lasts around thirty seconds or so. Networks don’t often have a lot more airtime than that for something more so if they cut something larger together, it’s going to exist for the sake of the internet probably more so than us being able to check it out on television.

Brace yourselves for a big season — the more that we’re hearing, the more excited we become. Sometimes, it’s good to feel all of the emotions in a short period of time.

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